Notes From America: “Minor” Problem

No matter how this election ends: 69+ nearly 71 million American voters think that they are well represented by an impeached, serial lying, homophobic, misogynistic, democracy-undoing wannabe autocrat, xenophobe, racist, molester, adulterer, conman, malignant narcissist, sociopath and egomaniac.

They’d be fine with four more years of the divisive madness that tears the country apart. The individual reasons for this behavior may be different from one person to the next (single issue voters, party lines, etc.), but I think the path of coming together and returning to constructive discussions of actual issues instead of ideologies will be easier with a leader who’s rhetoric doesn’t continue to divide and worsen the rift between “the left” and “the right”.

(I’m writing both in quotation marks because what’s considered left-wing in America is, at least in politics, still pretty much right-wing in the rest of the world.)

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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