Social Media: Not Ever Going Back

A few recent articles that are generally critical of Facebook made me look back to the beginning of the year, when I deleted my account for good:

The New Yorker: Why Facebook Can’t Fix Itself

» A former Facebook employee told me, “Nobody wants to look in the mirror and go, I make a lot of money by giving objectively dangerous people a huge megaphone.” This is precisely what Facebook’s executives are doing, the former employee continued, “but they try to tell themselves a convoluted story about how it’s not actually what they’re doing.” «

Der Spiegel: Die Aggro-Schleuder (German, run it through Apple’s or Google’s translation tool)

» Provocation, hatred and agitation are at the core of [Facebook’s] business model. What is desired is what pops, provokes and stirs up as much dust as possible. The algorithm rewards aggression because moderation leads to fear of boredom. The constant arousal is intended to keep the user on the platform like a drug that is addictive. «

Mark Bailey: Moral Irony (this is so short, so precise and to the point!)

» It is ironic that without social media I have no platform to voice my stance. I have less than a handful of followers on this otherwise nifty blog and website. If I want more followers I am advised that I have to use social media to get them. «

When I deleted my account, in January 2020 I think, I initially missed it but now, nine or ten months later, I can honestly say that I can’t see myself ever going back.

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