Notes From America: Strange Messages

As if the world wasn’t strange enough. I cannot hide my bewilderment at the political messages and endorsements that I see popping up in people’s front yards and on election flyers that arrive at our house. It becomes increasingly unclear to me what the people behind them are trying to say or achieve*.

While out for some real estate photos in an inland area north of here, I drove into a gated community and from one balcony, a large banner hung: Trump/Pence 2020 – No More Bullshit. I couldn’t help but wonder: wasn’t that an acknowledgement that Trump/Pence so far have indeed been bullshit?! 🤔

Darell Issa, the guy who didn’t run for reelection in Orange County because he knew he would lose, is now running in a more rural district of San Diego County (if he wins, he’ll have to move here!). His message: Darell Issa – Trump Conservative! Yes, with the exclamation mark. I couldn’t help but think: that must be a warning…

And this turned into a theme.

Driving on Pomerado Road for a morning run at Lake Hodges, there was this yard sign about Kristin Gaspar, a Republican who seeks reelection for San Diego County’s board of supervisors: Gaspar Stands With Trump. I admit, it was absolutely perfect: the Trumpers get the confirmation they need, and for all the others, it serves as a warning. Unfortunately, someone had sprayed red paint all over it the next day.

Then there was this flyer about Joe Leventhal, a candidate for our district’s City Council seat. In it, multiple occurrences on which he denounced Trump as despicable and whatnot on social media were listed. That made him quite sympathetic – until I found out that he’s actually a Republican. So who was that flyer for?! (absolutely no member of Trump’s enabler-party is electable, of course; it’s simply clan liability.)

Our neighbor, who has a Trump/Pence 2020 sign (aka: declaration or moral bankruptcy) on his lawn, also has a sign endorsing Joe Leventhal at his house. So the guy who endorses Trump also endorses the guy who denounces Trump. 😂 Isn’t that fantastic?

It is all very, very strange.

*) I admit: I didn’t spend the time to check who’s been funding these flyers, which would probably have cleared things up: they all go straight into the bin.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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