Libellula saturata (Flame Skimmer) in our back yard

While I am very fond of photographing flowers up-close and as macros, I’m not very much into bugs and insects. Two years ago, to satisfy my curiosity about this type of photography, I went with my photo club and then-president Steven Cirone, an expert bird and macro photographer, to Santee Lakes, where he hosted his annual “Dragonfly” photo activity (my photos: Dragonflies at Santee Lakes).

This was a fun activity and experience. And it didn’t get me interested in photographing dragonflies more – at heart, intimate landscapes are my true photographic passion. 🙂

But when this Flame Skimmer (Libellula saturata) showed up in our own back yard, I had to document the slightly unusual visitor, of course. 🙂 Slightly unusual because we have no open water in our back yard, and according to Wikipedia (Flame Skimmer article) they like warm ponds, streams or hot springs in their habitat.

Knowing that they stick with a perch for a little while, I went inside to attach Big Bertha to the camera and sure enough, found the dragonfly in the same spot, on a dried twig of a Black Sage (Salvia mellifera). I made a photo, moved in a little closer, another photo, circled sideways a little bit, another photo, move a little more, until I ended up with a pleasing out of focus background (“bokeh”) and a nice image: