A seed is destroyed in the process of becoming a plant. We have to be willing to change our old identity to transform into a new being. (Unknown)

7 thoughts on “Seeds

  1. I don’t know if the saying is older, but it also exists in the Christian Bible (John 12:24), in very much the same meaning.

      1. He he I suppose that too! To me this phrase is associated with deeper philosophical meaning, about willingness to abandon the self. I’m sure there’s an equivalent saying in Buddhism, which is rather well tuned to that concept, from the little I know of it.

      2. I don’t know much of it either but many of these teachings share a common root, so maybe it is the same thing. 🙂

        To me it’s about abandoning the “concept of self” that we have, and instead accepting constant change and transformation as a natural part of life and our existence.

      1. You’re too kind. That reminds me of a wonderful morning five years ago, photographing things like this in the southeastern Arizona desert.

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