Juvenile California Scrub Jay

The call of California Scrub Jays (Aphelocoma californica) is quite unmistakable, I’d say – a shrill chirping that, with a little bit of imagination, could be the bird saying its own name: “Jayy! Jayy!”.  It was quite exciting to hear it in our own backyard – I’ve never seen them here before.

They’ve been around for a couple of days, two birds (at least). They announce the visit with loud calls and yesterday around mid morning, they stayed long enough for me to get the camera and long lens.

Turns out that one of the two is a juvenile (the blue adult feathers are mixed with the juvenile brown), and it was quite bold, fluttering out into the open, picking up some seeds from the ground.

The other of the two, most likely an adult, stayed more hidden in the bushes. Ah, the boldness of youth and the wisdom of age… 🙂

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