Time Travel 2: Trance

Here’s the second “Time Travel” mix that I made quite some years ago, in 2012, when a friend here in the US asked me what “goa” and “trance” sounded like, “back in the day” in Europe. 🙂

This is the “trance” mix but it also includes some tracks that are probably more properly classified as “acid” or “progressive” – whatever. These genres are just approximations. To me, the tracks all have one or the other quality that I associate with the “trance” sound of that time.


  1. Resistance D – “Darkside” (Inexhaustibility EP, 1994, Harthouse)
  2. Age of Love – “The Age of Love (Jam & Spoon mix)” (Trancemaster 2, 1992, Vision Soundcarriers)
  3. Brainchild – “Symmetry (C-Mix)” (Behind the Eye 2, 1995, Eye Q Records)
  4. Marmion – “Schöneberg (Marmion Remix)” (Schöneberg EP, 1996, Superstition)
  5. Art of Trance – “Easter Island (Cygnus X Mix)” (Easter Island EP, 1999, Platipus)
  6. Cosmic Baby – “Heaven’s Tears (Jam El Mar Mix)” (Trancemaster 4, 1993, Vision Soundcarriers)
  7. Humate – “3.1” (3 EP, 1995, Superstition)
  8. Pete Lazonby – “Sacred Cycles (Quivver Mix)” (Sacred Cycles, 2000, Hooj Choons)
  9. Choci and the Freedom of Sound – “Trancition” (Trancemaster 7, 1994, Vision Soundcarriers)
  10. The Overlords – “Sundown (Ionizer Mix)” (Infinite Excursions, 1996, TIP Records)

This isn’t beat mixed – just some tracks glued together as gently as possible with Acoustica audio mixer on Windows, back then. 🙂 Super blooper: I forgot to fade out the last track, duh! (it was taken from a mixed CD.)

Rest in peace, Pascal Dardoufas (Pascal FEOS of Resistance D), who passed away in May 2020.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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