Time Travel 1: Goa

Quite some years ago, in 2012, a friend here in the US asked me what “goa” and “trance” sounded like, “back in the day” in Europe. 🙂

Realizing the differences between the Euro and the US dance scene in the 90ies, I made two mixes for her (which was funny to me because her husband is a DJ, and I’m a photographer!). While browsing my music collection recently, I stumbled upon these two. Because I don’t like things go to waste 🙂 I decided to upload them to Mixcloud, and this is the first one:


  1. Lucky People Center – Sundance (Sundance Maxi, 1995, Stockholm Records)
  2. Hallucinogen – LSD (Twisted, 1995, Dragonfly Records)
  3. Astralasia – Kalki’s Coming (High Planes Drifter Maxi, 1996, Magick Eye Records)
  4. Shakta – The Neuromancer (Silicon Trip, 1997, Dragonfly Records)
  5. Psychaos – Psychaos (Tribal Science, 1995, Concept in Dance)
  6. Hallucinogen – Angel Particles (Orange Compilation, 1995, Tip Records)
  7. Overlords – God’s Eye (On Goa Remix) (Retrodelica, 1996, Flying Rhino Records)
  8. Koxbox – Too Pure (TIP Remix) (Too Pure EP, 1997, Tip Records)
  9. Cosmosis – Moonshine (Moonshine EP, 1997, Transient Records)
  10. Electric Scientists – Do You Seek Knowledge In Time Travel? (Trance de Eivissa, 1999, Tip Records)

This isn’t beat mixed – just some tracks glued together as gently as possible with Acoustica audio mixer on Windows, back then. 🙂 As Ishkur puts it: with goa began “the long-standing tradition in Psy Trance of poorly mixed DJ sets of very long tracks.” 😀

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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