Wilshire Colonnade

We had some administrative stuff to tend to in Los Angeles today, and the office Shuwen needed to visit is in LA’s “Koreatown”, in an interesting building called Wilshire Colonnade.

While waiting, I read some, then walked around, and made a photo with my phone. The marine stratus provided nice and even light. This didn’t look bad. More waiting, more reading, more walking, another photo. I was beginning to like it. Read, walk, snap. Read walk snap.

They have some water features there but the outer pool was drained and the inner fountain was turned off, unfortunately. As it was, the hum and buzz of the city faded into background noise/ambience, and the relative silence and overcast skies seemed to fit the general feeling of a June gloom day. Or maybe we call it June doom this year?

Anyway, here are some impressions (eight photo an irresistible “bonus”, of course). On small-screen devices like phones or tablets, you can just scroll down. On larger screens, you may also click on any image to open it in the slideshow gallery view – for the best effect, I suggest switching your browser to full-screen mode (Windows: F11, Mac: ^⌘F).

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