Riparian Woodland, Infrared

Today’s photo is from a walk at Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve in August 2017, with the infrared camera. I kept stumbling over this particular image again and again, to then make small adjustments here and there, but I was never quite able to make up my mind about it. But today is the day! xD

With infrared, I find it is extremely easy to be taken (and/or fooled) by the otherworldly colors, and this might affect one’s judgment. Going back to the folder with the images from this walk repeatedly made me think that I should show more of them, and then after mulling over them for a little while, getting used to the look and effect, I found myself discarding that idea… again. 😛

This single one is the only frame from the bunch that kept some of its appeal. It is fascinating how different the light works in infrared: in a backlit situation like this one, on a summer afternoon, one would expect the sky to be blown out (overexposed) because of its brightness – but the brightest part is actually the foliage, which reflects the most infrared light in this situation.

With the tonality so nicely distributed, one might also expect that the photo would work well in black and white (one of the most common applications for infrared photos I guess) and I tried that, but the colors actually help with the separation of the individual elements. They add depth and clarity that a black & white conversion would lack.

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