Silence is Difficult

I promised myself to publish enjoyable content and refrain from societal and political commentary on social media and here, as best as possible. I think it’s simply unpleasant and boring to blare into what is, at best, an echo chamber – but in the face of what feels like ever growing ignorance, idiocy and stupidity, it’s certainly not easy… 😬

“There is a profound peace found only in non-reactivity.” (Brian Thompson)

2 thoughts on “Silence is Difficult

  1. Well, I use to have over 600 friend contacts on Facebook and now I have 55. Wanna guess why ??? I’m sick of every single flavour of politics irrespective of the supposed superior flavour. Just got sick of the feeds being junked up with hatred. Same with many environmental groups, I’m gone. Now I remember back why I live dup in Anza California for almost thirty years without TV.


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