Stay at Home, Day 5

This is my submission to our photo club’s monthly photo quest. I’ve been running this quest for a little more than two years now and, in light of the current situation we’re in, went for an indoor theme, “In The Kitchen“.

I went for a whimsical reference to the amount of cooking we’re doing at home – and the amount of dishes that results in (I mentioned that in my monthly end notes for April 2020 as well). This photo is “staged” of course, we do have a dishwasher! 🙂 I piled up the dishes as high and precariously as I could (collapse of my arrangement would sure have meant breaking things!).

This is an “enfused” image from no less than thirteen individual frames, bracketed and with an off-camera flash in an umbrella in various positions, to get light everywhere, and let the Enfuse algorithm take the best of them. I used my 24mm tilt/shift lens in order to have the camera high enough above the sink, and avoid perspective distortion at the same time. I added a bit of a desaturated and aged look with some grain, false color and vignetting for the final look.

This is my personal blog, and I am a professional photographer. Please respect my copyright. If you would like to use any of my photos, for whatever purpose (commercial or personal), you MUST obtain a license and/or written permission from me. More information on my page about image usage. Thanks.

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