Lots of Lecturing

Can we please stop lecturing each other about what we should and shouldn’t do, both in general and right now, and just assume that the friends and people we’ve been reading/been following/have known, sometimes for many years, aren’t reckless idiots all of a sudden?

I tweeted the above because I noticed that some people really, really would love to be the police right now. No matter where you are and what you do, it’s all wrong to them, because you have to stay at home is what they’re saying. It almost feels like if you’re not actually sick, you should at least join the collective suffering and publicly announce what a good person you are – as you must stay at home!

Well, that’s not correct – not here in San Diego County. You can go out, can walk your dog, exercise outdoors, and many county parks here are still open too as I write this. You’re supposed to keep your distance to other people of course – but who in their right mind would NOT want to do that right now, anyway?! (and personally, I want it to be much more than just the mandatory 6 feet/2 meters.)

Getting out into nature for a little bit is more than physical exercise for some of us. It’s a mental health thing, and the benefits of being in nature have been proven*: people are less anxious and depressed after they’ve been out in nature.

So if the need to play police and lecture others creeps up on you, maybe you should by all means get outside for a little bit? 😉 (SCNR and yes, yes, yeeees, only if you’re not sick and if it’s okay to exercise outdoors in your jurisdiction – does this need to be said?!)

*) here’s just one article, you can find dozens more of course: It’s official — spending time outside is good for you


Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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