Migrating Quirks

One of the most irritating things after my switch from Windows to Mac is how some of the quirks that I experienced on the 6-years old W7 machine seem to have “migrated” to the brand new iMac.

One is that sometimes, the external keyboard isn’t active when I wake the computer from sleep. It’s a wired keyboard. I have to unplug/plug and it works. It is entirely different hardware! (both the computer, and the keyboard.)

Another is that the computer sometimes doesn’t want to go to “sleep” – it looks like it’s going to sleep, but within a few seconds, it wakes up again – the screen comes back on, and the (external) hard drive spins up. I select “sleep” again, and then it works… most of the time.

Fascinating, as Mr. Spock would say. 😜

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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