Cho Oyo

One of the most enjoyable things on Bandcamp is to randomly discover music by aimless wandering (clicking) through to the collections of people who have items in common with me, bought similar items, that sort of thing. This is how I discovered the Cho Oyu label, from South Korea.

And it’s ambient, damnit. A genre that I’ve grown a little bit weary of, as I might have mentioned before. The twist here is that a certain Asian influence shines through (no surprise!) which elevates the otherwise “new agey” spheres of pads and bells and pianos a little bit and most importantly so, does that in an authentic way. It all seemed very “nature themed” which I found quite appealing as well. Just look at the cover images of their releases: leaves, green, a cloud hanging in green hillsides, a deer…

The entire discography was on sale for “very little money”, so I just dove in and bought it all (and I’d like to add it that with such offers from such small online labels, I add a generous “tip” to bring the price up to something that feels more fair and reasonable).

The two releases in their catalog that stand out the most to me in that regard are “Nhà Nhà” by artist Lửa (even though the tracks are, considering that we’re talking about ambient, awfully short – the blissful second track “Bạn có đến không” with its hauntingly beautiful and simply piano “melody” might as well be twice as long if it was for me) and “บ้าน” by artist Khemkhaeng (listen to the track “ดูรู้สึก” for example).

The puzzling things are the names of course: most of them are entirely meaningless to me. I don’t know yet if this perceived namelessness is good or bad…

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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