What Lies Ahead? Star Trek.

In the beautiful and touching story “The Final Frontier“, Michael Chabon mentions his favorite episodes from the Star Trek Universe and while I’m drawing an absolute blank on the original series (TOS; it was before my time) I instantly recalled two favorites from The Next Generation (TNG) – “Darmok”, the second episode from the fifth season, and “Lower Decks”, episode 15 from the seventh season.

I thought about Deep Space Nine (DS9) and Voyager (VOY) as well, and I couldn’t remember a single episode that stood out to me. I remember disliking the “alternate universe” episodes a lot 😛 and while I liked both series, I was a bit surprised by that. Speaking of dislikes though, I really hated most of the TNG episodes that featured “Q”, so we weren’t exactly off to a great start back then and unfortunately, Q makes appearances in DS9 and VOY, too.

In an attempt to find out some favorite episodes, I’ve begun to watch DS9 again (which I do over lunch or while I’m doing the dishes, that sort of thing). What struck me was how densely packed the pilot “Emissary” was already – there’s really a LOT of things going on and I’d say it’s much better if you’re quite familiar with TNG.

As I continued watched, I laughed about Odo’s explanation of why he avoided relationships (“coupling” as he calls it in a conversation with Quark) and I showed it to Shuwen. She was intrigued by the appearance and ambiance of the series and OMG, while she likes science fiction, she never got to watch any of the “newer” Star Trek series!

That’s something we need to change, obviously. 🙂 So what lies ahead (after we finish the final season of The Man in the High Castle) are seven seasons of TNG and seven seasons of DS9, at the very least – and if we’re not tired yet by then, maybe seven seasons of VOY as well.

The only thing that scares me is that Shuwen might like Q. 😛

2 thoughts on “What Lies Ahead? Star Trek.

  1. Well, I do remember the original Star Trek series but my favorites spinoff is still Jean-Luc Picard and his band of merry space travelers. I haven’t watched any of the other spinoffs. Lately binging Black Mirror, a modern, techie, Twilight Zone / Outer Limits type series.


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