One month without alcohol

I just “finished” a slightly misaligned “Dry July” – I didn’t drink alcohol for the month of July. Slightly misaligned because I didn’t start at the 1st of July. First a friend raised our 4th of July get-together as an obstacle (I agreed – the social aspect of drinking is big), then another friend’s friend invited me to taste some beers in his collection (yes, he collects beers) the following Saturday, and so I formally began my Dry July on the 7th.

There were moments of weakness – when another friend celebrated his birthday at the brewpub of one of the many local breweries we have here, for example. They had some intriguing choices on their beer menu! It was tempting but I thought: why make that promise to myself, and then break it? If you’re only accountable to yourself, it’s both the easiest to not hold on to the deal – and it’s also the ultimate weakness.

My wife and I shared a Kombucha instead – only to find out, after we drank it, that the fermentation process may produce small amounts of alcohol. It didn’t really matter I think, because I chose the beverage not because of that, but because I thought it would be alcohol free! ๐Ÿ™‚ (it was also the first time I drank Kombucha, and I don’t understand why anyone would drink that stuff more often.)

And now the last day of this personal challenge has passed, on the 7th of August, and I still haven’t had a drink. I don’t miss it. I’m actually hesitant to drink again right now. Weird.

The lesson is: you have control over your behavior. It doesn’t matter whether it is drinking alcohol or abstaining, getting angry or remaining calm, getting up for an early morning run versus staying in bed, eating more when feeling already full, and all that.

It was a really good exercise.

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