Always Own Your Platform

A couple of days after I wrote my “Walled Garden” post I stumbled upon “Always Own Your Platform” which summarizes my thoughts nicely. And coincidentally, this Twitter thread by Mark Weidenbaum expresses a similar notion.

Both imply the question: what kind of World Wide Web do you want? The walled garden that’s out of your control, or the rich diversity of blogs and individual websites?

You might say “but you’re posting this on a hosted site, you don’t own the platform!” and that’s right. However, is a service built around WordPress, which itself is an open source project. I can export everything from here and import it into a self-hosted site, any time I want.

…and in fact, I might do so, because the (compared to the old WordPress Admin) still crippled React-based interface “Calypso” of, and the nag requester about the new Gutenberg editor that can’t be removed are both beginning to really annoy me…

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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