After playing with my phone’s auto complete I wonder why people are still using those boring Dorem ipsum filler texts – I can produce the following just with auto complete! 🙂

Hello my name is a good time to time and money to pay for the first time in the morning and I will be able to get the best way to the beach in the desert today is my favorite part time work for me and I will have to go with it for you guys think I have to be the best way of life is a bit and found out that I am a beautiful and the City and state of California and I am not a big fan and the other hand is a great way of doing business with the dog…

Starting with a different word (“The” instead of “Hello”) I got this:

The game was great I could use a few minutes and I can not recommend this to all of any one that has a free version and it would not give you an upgrade or not just to make a play it is not worth playing for it and it gets a bit slow on my Twitter I want it and I have it for my iPhone it won’t load it crashes after a month it and it keeps on crashing I have no problems and it…

Or German?

Hallo Herr Dr und die anderen beiden Seiten von der Arbeit und Beruf als die Hälfte von mir und ich habe die Mail von dir gehört und gesehen haben wir noch nicht mal so ein wenig mehr als die Hälfte des Lebens und die anderen beiden Seiten mit zahlreichen anderen Seite wurde in den letzten Jahren in der Nähe von der Schule zu den Themen von der Firma vorhanden…

After a while, it seems to get stuck in a loop and keeps repeating the same phrase in a loop and keeps repeating the same phrase in a loop and keeps repeating the same phrase in a loop. x-D


3 thoughts on “Filler

  1. At first I was going to mention that yours doesn’t use ‘X’ or ‘Z’ but the original doesn’t have a ‘Z’ either (it does have an ‘X’). Maybe ancient Latin didn’t have a ‘Z’.


    1. You mean those typeface/font example things? “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” has all the letters of the (English) alphabet. According to Wikipedia, “Archaic Latin” indeed didn’t have a Z!

      The “dorem ipsum” stuff though is just used to fill content blocks (paragraphs etc.) on “example sites” for WordPress themes and that sort of thing. It’s fine without a Z. 🙂


      1. But it was originally used for typesetters way back when. I figured that since that was it’s use it would have every letter in multiple combinations (like O following an e or E and preceding L etc…)


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