Changing communication in the online age

“Communication itself, once mostly collaborative, is now often competitive, with bids for affection and attention. It is also more manipulative — gestures designed to generate a response.”

Just one of many good insights and realizations from “Seeking attention and affection where trolls and cry-bullies lurk“, a very good opinion piece in the Seattle Times.

I guess this is one of the reasons why I’ve withdrawn from certain social media sites, and limited my activity on others a lot; namely, to sharing stuff related to (not just my) photography, the environment, and things that I care about.

Another potential explanation of why I don’t care much about all this is that, as an introvert, attention and interaction are not sources of energy for me; they’re a drain – so thankfully, I don’t feed off of the social media feedback cycle and (have to) enter this competitive type of communication.

4 thoughts on “Changing communication in the online age

  1. “Attention and affection have gone from being private bonds to being publicly traded goods.”

    Marketing is a tricky thing when made a personal endeavor I think. (Young) Content creators are not separating a branding effort from an expectation for audiences to like them for their efforts.
    An older person can put their personal work out there and someone hates on it, it slides off the back.


    1. I think this branding effort has become much more difficult in the age of social media – there’s a direct feedback and communication that just wasn’t available just a few years ago. It’s new, and then people come from a hobbyist background and then have to mentally switch from being themselves (sometimes grumpy, satirical, whatever) to being “their brand”, professionally, on social media.


      1. I suppose there’s also that what you say now stays online forever…


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