Dear Dog Owner

If you’re capable of picking up after your dog and bagging the poop, why do you then toss the bag with the poop into the vegetation off the trail?!

I’ve seen this so many times, it just blows my mind. People are dumping a piece of plastic trash into the landscape but that’s not enough – as a result, they’re making someone else clean up after them and their dog!

If you don’t want to dump your dog poop properly, why bring the plastic bags?! If you don’t bag your dog’s shit then it can at least decompose, you moron

Dog poop bag in vegetation
Dog poop bag in vegetation


6 thoughts on “Dear Dog Owner

  1. We here in “Vancouver” would like to know as well. I see this all the time. I have seen people who leave it there and then pick it up on the return trip but I bet that is pretty rare. Be thankful you don’t have an apartment/condo balcony near a dog park!

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    1. I do leave the bag with Toni’s droppings if I know that I’ll come back on the same trail – mostly when I have the camera with me, because things can get awkward then. 😀 I leave the bag right on the trail though. One time someone had already picked it up when I came back, that was a bit embarrassing.

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  2. If it’s any consolation, the same stupid irresponsible I don’t give a rat’s rear end behaviour exists over here in Sweden on a grand scale. I understand Californians are fond of singing the priases about what a wonderful socialist paradise Sweden is, but it’s not. It’s as equally idiotic here as anywhere else. We have a dog and very conscientious about this subject of cleaning up after the dog, but about half the dog owners here in Göteborg where I use to live and now Helsingborg where i presently reside couldn’t give a crap – literally speaking.

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