TR/ST – Dressed For Space

TR/ST (“Trust”) is yet another act that I discovered through KEXP and their track “Dressed For Space” is an excellent addition to my ongoing collection of songs to play loud.


  1. This is repetitive, catchy and really cheesy electronic music
  2. The loudness level is bordering the insane – subjectively, this appears to be the loudest album that I have in my collection (the fact that music can be produced and mastered this loud today remains simply astonishing to me).
  3. The lyrics are incomprehensible and don’t make a whole lot of (or probably ANY) sense. Try to avoid looking at them. Seriously. 😛
  4. Probably related to warning #3, the streaming quality is horrible and doesn’t do the audio justice (it kicks ass as a 320kbit MP3, but no online version will give you that quality, you’ll have to buy a download)
  5. This isn’t even the best track on the album (that would be “Shoom” IMHO, but it’s not as catchy)
  6. The official video probably needs to come with an epilepsy warning – but it is also one heck of a beautiful rush of color and it reminds me of certain old Amiga demos. 🙂

That said… the track is total fun, and obviously… must be played loud. 🙂

Have a nice Sunday, everyone!


Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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