Forest Bathing at Palomar Mountain

My friend Peter and I went for a hike at Palomar Mountain – it’s an excellent place to hike in San Diego County in the warmer months of the year, both due to its elevation and the cover and shade that the forest provides.

We started just outside the Palomar Mountain State Park boundary and began our hike on the Silvercrest Trail which took us into the park. This trail has nice flowers and plants (Milkweeds! Gilias! Ferns!), and opens up in some spaces for great views, mostly south. It ends at the parking lot for the Silvercrest picnic area – there, we crossed the street and continued downhill to Duane Pond, first on the Scott’s Cabin trail, and then, somewhat steep in places, the Cedar Trail.

From Duane Pond we headed east on the Thunder Springs Trail which becomes the Chimney Flats Trail, past the end of Upper Duane Valley. The trail goes gently uphill with plenty of tree cover along Chimney Creek before it reaches the open Chimney Flat, where it swings around for another uphill section, now on a broad dirt road in more open forest, towards a paved maintenance road. Once on the maintenance road, it was just a short walk back to the small roadside parking area where we started.

Here are a few photos of our “forest bathing” hike. 🙂

I added this post to the blog in 2019, but dated the article back to June 2018, when the photos were actually made.

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