Death Valley By Phone

Some cellphone photos from a trip to Death Valley with my friend Peter, in February. I previously shared some of these on social media, and then always find it a waste to let them disappear there after a few days or sometimes just minutes, so here they are, preserved in a little more organized manner.

I’ve yet to add more photos from the trip to my main photography website but you can check the (hopefully growing) Death Valley archive page of blog posts to see what’s there.

The last photo in the gallery is not from Death Valley – those are the Trona Pinnacles. They’re similar to the tufa structures at Mono Lake, but considerably bigger (and there’s no lake there anymore). We stopped there on the way back.

Photos are copyrighted and may not be reused without my explicit permission. Please contact me through the contact form on my photography website if you’re interested.

7 thoughts on “Death Valley By Phone

  1. It keeps amazing me just how good cellphone photos have become. And that flux capacitor!

    1. The photos are editing in Lightroom Mobile and I do think that using raw data makes a big difference. The biggest shortcoming of the small sensor is the rather noisy blue channel from what I can see… even visible in the small screen-sized versions! Not much latitude for processing there…

      1. I’m sure it does. I just can’t seem to find a convenient default-raw camera app to use. Blue channel is generally noisiest in any digital camera, as it’s the darkest filter combined with the least sensitivity of the sensor itself. With the tiny sensors the effect is definitely more pronounced…

      2. I think I tried LR at one point, but didn’t like the catalog concept. I don’t use LR on the PC anyway. I mostly use the built in (oneplus) app for the camera, which is ok but defaults to jpeg (it had a pro mode which saves as raw too but has to be chosen every time). Also remember trying open camera at one point, not sure why I stopped using it. Perhaps I just need to start thinking more of my phone as a camera… Oh, forgot to mention I’m an Android user 😀

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