Getting older is weird

Yesterday I saw an older guy with a Metallica t-shirt and found that funny and cool – because Metallica is a symbol of the rebellious years of my youth and adolescence for me. I guess that’s true for a lot of the attractiveness of Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, or any other type of music that young folks perceive as provocative and “different.” A phenomenon that goes back to at least the Beatles and Elvis Presley of course – but I digress.

It then dawned on me that Metallica themselves are probably at least, err, semi-old men by now. I looked it up, Hetfield and Ulrich were both born in 1963, which puts them into their mid-50ies now (Dave Mustaine, a San Diegan from La Mesa btw., was born in 1961). Which also means that they’re not THAT much older than I am. Oops.

Old boot in grass, Del Mar Mesa Preserve, San Diego, California, February 2017.
Old boot in grass, Del Mar Mesa Preserve, San Diego, California, February 2017.
Just to have a picture of something old in the post, of course. Cellphone photo.

Yes, my body is aging, more grey hair and more wrinkles, and body mass seems to shift from “evenly distributed” to “concentrated around the abdomen” (while my weight stayed the same!). But I’m not feeling old. Inside, I’m still the same person that loved early Metallica and other Heavy Metal. The biggest difference is probably that I care a lot less what other people think about that…

Is anyone actually ever really feeling old? Getting older is probably the weirdest thing in life.

This post was written while listening to some of my favorite goa trance tracks from around 1996/1997. Darnit, that stuff is 20 years old already now too! 😛

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