The never-ending dump of junk mail – Mondays are the worst. One piece of legitimate mail, the rest goes directly into the bin. What a waste. Well, it keeps the USPS alive they say (and that article is from 2011 – the numbers probably haven’t improved).

Junk vs Normal Mail
Junk vs Normal Mail

I looked at a number of “opt out” websites now, and they all want me to supply personal information like address, birthday, phone number etc. via an unencrypted HTTP connection – just to get removed from a mailing list! Not going to happen. It’s 2017!*

That aside, all they should need to remove me from their mailing list is really my address, and nothing else. An absolutely ridiculous system. (if they really had to make sure that it’s me, and not me unsubscribing my neighbor, send a postcard with a PIN number to confirm, to the address).

On notable exception is Valpak (but then again, they’re only sending one small envelope once a month or so, which isn’t nearly as offensive as the “folder” full of bullshit from Red Plum, for example) – they have an HTTPS secured form, and they’re only asking for the information that’s on the envelope anyway (no name required, no email address, no telephone number, no SSN – as it should be!).

Here is a list of junk mail that I tried to unsubscribe from now. Those are only the ones that do not ask for more personal information in their forms.

  • Money Mailer (email, no unsub form online)
  • ValPak (unsub form online)
  • RSVP (unsub form online)
  • RedPlum/Local Flavor (unsub form online)
  • Home Magazine (email, no unsub form online)
  • Home Concepts Magazine (email, no unsub form)

We’ll see how it goes. Needless to say, I had to find the option to get removed from each of these “services” individually. By comparison: in Germany, people put a sticker “no junk mail” on their mailbox, and that’s it. It could be so easy…

*) all of my own websites use HTTPS by now thanks to Lets Encrypt – and I’m not even collecting personal data.

One thought on “Junk

  1. Like the German system, and wish it was so easy here in Malta. We don’t have an opt out and the stickers would make no difference…


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