Techno Bert?!

In betweem, something about music and “thanks algorithms” – yes, really (I hate Facebook’s algorithm). I was looking for a song from the early “technosound” days of German electronic music in the early 90ies, or something – Klangwerk’s “Die Kybernauten”…

I walked out of my room and YouTube’s “Auto Play” was on – a feature that I normally don’t like, and disable. When I came back to my room, something that sounded vaguely familiar was playing, but I had never heard of the group/name or title:

Sequencer basslines like that just get me, every time. I love 1/16 notes staccato basslines like that. Super cool. It’s pretty obvious that the track is sampling The Human League (percussions) but other than that… why did it sound so familiar? A quick research on Discogs reveals that one of the guys behind “Techno Bert” is also a member of “Koto” – jackpot!

It feels like I hadn’t heard “Visitors” in a million years, but once that main melody starts playing, don’t tell me you don’t recognize it. 🙂

Thanks YouTube. That’s an algorithm that works!


Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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