Techno Bert?!

In betweem, something about music and “thanks algorithms” – yes, really (I hate Facebook’s algorithm). I was looking for a song from the early “technosound” days of German electronic music in the early 90ies, or something – Klangwerk’s “Die Kybernauten”…


I walked out of my room and YouTube’s “Auto Play” was on – a feature that I normally don’t like, and disable. When I came back to my room, something that sounded vaguely familiar was playing, but I had never heard of the group/name or title:

Sequencer basslines like that just get me, every time. I love 1/16 notes staccato basslines like that. Super cool. It’s pretty obvious that the track is sampling The Human League’s percussions from Being Boiled, and also, errrr, “utilizes” the melody riff from “Happy House” by Siouxsie And The Banshees (starts at 1:50) – which combined is both hilarious and awesome, of course. The Italian disco scene!

But why did it sound so familiar? A quick research on Discogs reveals that one of the guys behind “Techno Bert” is also a member of “Koto” – jackpot!

It feels like I hadn’t heard “Visitors” in a million years, but once that main melody starts playing, don’t tell me you don’t recognize it. 🙂

Thanks YouTube. That’s an algorithm that works!

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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