Lightroom to WordPress Export plugin

The good folks from WordPress bring us a plugin to export from Lightroom directly to WordPress (it works with either hosted blogs, or Jetpack-enabled self-hosted blogs). Excellent for photographers! I tried it, and it’s straightforward and simple to use.

On my self-hosted site, I noticed that images do not run through the normal upload process though – my image optimization plugin did not kick in, and another plugin that I use to extract metadata, and fill some custom fields with it, didn’t run either.

Images are not “attached” to a post or page of course – they simply sit in WordPress’s Media Library, and you best attach them to the post or page where you use them, manually.

Also, the plugin is a one-way street, from Lightroom to WordPress, and that’s it. It’s not a “Publish Collection” in Lightroom, there’s no synchronization, and no “tracking” of published photos in Lightroom (to be able to update them, for example).

If you’re looking for more there’s another, more advanced plugin available: WP/LR Sync.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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