Cellphone Photos – December 2016 Gallery (5 photos)

The monthly collection of cellphone photos from December 2016. This selection is rather small because it only contains photos that I didn’t already publish on my main photography website – and those were more than usual because cellphone photography certainly has changed for me with the iPhone 7 Plus. I described the beginnings of this change in this blog post.

Have a look at my blog posts with cellphone photos – in December alone I posted eight of them, not including my annual “Best of Cellphone” gallery (something I’ve been doing for a couple of years now). So in short – except only the quirkiest of cellphone photos to appear on this site right here. The landscape/nature themed cellphone photos will most likely be added to my main website from now on. 🙂

Some more information to the photos in the slideshow/gallery view. Click a thumbnail to open it. Cheers!


Licenses to these images are available for both personal and commercial usage, should you be interested please continue reading here: Image Usage.