I’m still trying to wrap my head around America’s election results, and this post is a first attempt to somehow put things together to gain some clarity.

And just to get one thing out of the way immediately: it has nothing to do with the fact that a Republican candidate won, or that there’s a Republican majority in Congress (the latter has been the status quo for a while now anyway). I’ve lived in Germany for the most part of my live, and ever since I was allowed to vote, quite often elections didn’t turn out as I had hoped and it was not “my” party and candidate who won (I’ve witnessed all 17 years of the Helmut Kohl conservative administration in Germany, for example – Germany has no term limits). So it has nothing to do with different political ideas and direction.

But it has everything to do with who got elected, and how he campaigned. We’ve all seen how Donald Trump crossed all boundaries of human decency and dignity. It has all been said, repeated, recorded, stored and preserved, it was and is all in plain sight, for everyone to see.

His mocking of soldiers, veterans, women, disabled persons, minorities. His threats to protesters, journalists, inciting violence. His status as a rich kid who got a head start and his business failures and lawsuits. His countless lies, empty promises, speech bubbles. The talk of his superiority and the “gene” thing that he believes in. His campaign advisers. The endorsement by white supremacist groups. His narcissism, even sociopath tendencies.

I have some values that I would not betray (especially not for a vague and probably unrealistic promise of some short-term economic gain) – and a vote for Donald Trump betrayed all of them. I’m really struggling with all this because I don’t want to condemn or abandon those of my friends who voted for Trump, but in the face of all that he is, did and said, I want to yell at all of them: “How could you? Do you not have any respect and decency yourself? Are you blind and deaf?” – it’s a mixture of anger, consternation and disbelief.

There are so many things wrong with his election, on so many levels – the fact that so many people either chose to ignore it, chose to accept it, or outright endorsed it leaves me with a headache.

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