32 Best Ambient Albums Ever Made

I found the compilation of “32 Best Ambient Albums Ever Made” via “Ambient Landscape“, and I thoroughly enjoyed browsing, reading and listening to the entries in the list.

Personally, I wouldn’t even classify quite a lot of this as ambient – because my personal definition of ambient is rather narrow and usually doesn’t include music that has plenty of beats and rhythm in it (see my “Best of Ambient” series of posts – which is of course my friendly and very subtle way of saying that there’s perhaps something missing from the compilation of 32 best ambient albums… hehe). Ambient-ish music with percussion gets filed under “Chill Out” or “Lounge” in my collection. 🙂

Also, since Krautrock, Space Rock, New Age, Shoegaze etc. are all “sibling genres” to ambient that were at least partially parallel to “ambient” as this whole group of music evolved, I think it’s okay to let New Age be New Age, even though some of it may fit into the Ambient genre just as well.

I know that thinking in genres and defining them or even worse, defining their boundaries, is completely futile – I just need something to organize my music collection, and this definition works for me, personally.

So these remarks are all very much IMHO of course – but nevertheless, it’s a lot of interesting music to explore. Also, some of it just plain doesn’t work for me*. But I can’t wait to have Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Returnal” in the mail. 🙂 Finding this gem of music was worth spending the time on the list and listening to the music!

*) Alva Noto’s two “Xerrox” albums are one example. There’s one track that I find absolutely terrific, (Xerrox Monophaser 2) but I cannot possibly listen to the entire album, it makes my brain and ears hurt. Just too much glitch and noise.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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