Two Mourning Dove nestlings

Two Mourning Dove nestlings at our house., September 2016.

We had this Mourning Dove nest at our house and it was such joy to watch it. The mother was extremely careful when approaching the nest to not reveal it to any robbers but somehow, some raptor still saw it. I heard the mother take off and immediately checked, and was able to shoo away the raptor (a little hawk or something). It did not return. A couple of days later, we found one of the chicks in a bush under the nest, dead. It must have fallen out of the nest and starved. We walked past that bush all the time, and yet didn’t notice it. I don’t know if we would have been able to get the little bird back into the nest (they were already flapping their wings at that time) but the thought that we completely missed this made us really sad. This is not the first time that there’s a nest in this spot (it’s so cute to see that the doves used some of the pine tree’s needles, as well as dried lavender) so hopefully the doves will return and try again.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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