Reverse the sticker madness

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my displeasure with the sticker madness before (or maybe that was on my German blog). On every piece of fruit and vegetable is at least one sticker because there’s five varieties of apples available at any time and one costs $2.49 while the other costs $2.69 and yet another $2.99, or something.*

Organic Zucchini on countertop, August 2016.
Organic Zucchini on countertop, August 2016.

If you buy organic, you get an extra sticker: ORGANIC (it’s always, always green, too).

And I’ve been wondering… what if we’d reverse that? (no, not CINAGRO! lol)

Let’s not put an extra sticker on organic produce – put an extra one on conventional produce instead: CONVENTIONAL. In red, of course. Just like “organic” serves the purpose of indirectly saying “GMO free”, the red “conventional” could serve as a warning for “additional pesticide residue” (which is of course the sole reason why GMO free is interesting)… 😉

Okay, all joking aside – I am convinced that more people would buy organic if the labeling was reversed like that. I am also convinced that there’d be a number of people who would say “hey, wow, this stuff labelled ‘conventional’ is so much cheaper, awesome!” 😛

*) dear supermarkets, how about you just price them all the same and save the money that goes into organizing this whole nonsense, and the little stickers that are sometimes quite impossible to remove as well? Friggin’ apples…

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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