Delerium – Silence (Airscape Remix)

I felt like “Vocal Trance” a while ago and one of the most outstanding tracks of the genre has to be Airscape’s Remix of Delerium’s “Silence”, featuring Sarah McLachlan, so this marks the second entry in my “songs to play loud” series, at last. 🙂

This is actually quite a funny constellation: Delerium is a side-project of Front Line Assembly members Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber. If you’re not familiar with Front Line Assembly (FLA): they’re probably among the defining representatives of the Electronic Body Music (EBM) genre, together with Front242, Nitzer Ebb, and a couple others. EBM itself is rather dark but melodic, hard electronic dance music that precedes Techno, Trance and Industrial by quite a couple of years (example: FLA – Mindphaser).

So FLA have a softie side project, Delerium, and produce Enigma-like*, Buddha-Bar compatible chill-out/lounge music (here’s the original of “Silence”, including some Gregorian-style chanting and all that). And then a dozen or so trance producers jump on that track and make high-energy dance music out of it – something that FLA create themselves. Ha!

The Airscape remix is by far the best of all the remixes if you ask me. Pleasing arrangement, and a bassdrum that is so fat in the mix, you really have to play it loud to experience the physical impact of the bass. The way they’re building a classic trance track with breaks and scream-in-excitement worthy buildups from the mellow source track is simply awesome, and from the textbook of mainstream trance. You’ve got to admire it for that quality alone.

And if you like the track, please support the artist(s) and consider buying it on Beatport and not just playing it on YouTube. Thanks.

*) that’s actually a funny one too: Enigma (“Sadeness” – still not sure what that’s supposed to mean, “Return to Innocence“) is a project by Michael Cretu of “Samurai” (German version!) fame, sometimes featuring his then-wife Sandra, one of the most successful German female pop-singers (“Maria Magdalena” – with such a wonderful German accent!). In her heyday, her sales exceeded those of Madonna, in Germany.

3 thoughts on “Delerium – Silence (Airscape Remix)

      1. I can understand that. The original (which I had not heard before today) feels tame by comparison.

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