Every day is Black Friday at the Costco gas stations – except that there’s not just a line, there’s a whole friggin’ traffic jam, in the Costco parking lot. Because there’s a 4-way stop intersection on the way to the holy pumps, of course. And it’s the guy’s turn who wants to pump gas. Except that there’s no way where he can go, because everything is clogged. So he drives right into the intersection – and blocks it for everyone else!

You’re saving 20 cents per gallon. How much are you going to pump, 12, 15, maybe 20 gallons? Congratulations, you wasted half an hour to save $3, maybe. You wouldn’t work for that money of course, because it’s not even minimum wage.

The amount of money saved at the Costco gas pumps can’t possible be worth the nerves it costs trying to get in the line and the time wasted waiting for your turn… but maybe it’s fun turning into a complete moron and blocking an intersection for $3? Who knows?

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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