I mentioned Instagram’s annoying “get free followers” spam scheme problems not too long ago. And of course it didn’t stop. So I’ve been marking these comments as “spam”, and that appeared to remove them. But thanks to a hint from my friend Peter I found out that they’re actually just hidden from view – and only for me! They remain visible to everyone else. What the… ?

Instagram Spam Comments
Instagram Spam Comments. These are the last five, before I deleted the photo that attracted them.

Now, I guess I could understand that if it was a comment on some other person’s post that I would mark a spam – but when I mark a comment on my own post as spam, I’d expect that comment to be hidden for everyone (Google+ works this way, and I think Facebook too).

I’m having difficulties understanding this implementation: report a comment as spam – and it’ll remain visible for everyone. Delete a comment and it’ll disappear – but the spammer is getting away without being reported. Fun!

And what’s more – in the app, there is no way to make that comment visible again, in order to delete it entirely. That’s only possible from the desktop. Ridiculous.

The interesting thing is that partially, Instagram does seem to detect these comments as spam – because no notification will appear for them. Why not hide them for everyone right away then?