Mixed Feelings

We had a little Black Phoebe roosting at our house for a while. It was using a little hook that held a screen/sail to shade the entry area. It was very cute to see the little bird sit there every evening. It would arrive a little before sunset, quite reliably, and be gone in the morning before dawn.

The problem is that birds do poop, apparently in their sleep. And it’s not so cute to have a bunch of bird droppings in one spot right by your entry door. Rain would wash it away, but if you know San Diego you know that’s not very reliable (it rained on and off for a week in January, and I think we had one storm in February). So we looked at that little bird “yaaaaay!” and we looked at the poop “ewwwwww!”

There’s no denying that we were relieved when the bird seemed to have moved on. It was gone for a month, or even two. I don’t recall when it eventually left, but it was gone, and about a week after I noticed it I got a bucket full of water, soaked the poop-pile, and sweeped it away with a broom.

Then we had some roofing work done, and removed the shade/screen thing from the entry area. And then, the bird came back. And it’s little pile of nightly poop with it. One day, after it left in the morning, I got the ladder and quietly, with a mix of sorry and relief, removed the hook from the wood.

I’m sure you’ll find another porch to poop on, you cute little Black Phoebe. šŸ™‚

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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