More Hummingbirds (6 photos)

On March 15th, we found another hummingbird nest at our house, this time on the northern side. Shuwen noticed the mother in flight before she disappeared into one of two pines there, and through the twigs I then saw the fast feeding movement. After the mother left (the feeding was much faster and shorter) I was able to find the nest, and it had two chicks in it! How awesome is that?

The nest itself was incredibly well cloaked in the visual mess of the pine tree, and at a relatively high position. I found one “good” position from where I could point the camera up with the long lens, and make photos and videos without disturbing the birds, especially the mother* as she approached. Unfortunately, that position was from outside the perimeter of our fence, so I wasn’t able to just leave the camera out there. Some other photos were made in-between the mother’s feeding, carefully and slowly getting closer with my macro lens.

For the following eight days, I routinely checked on them and made some photos and videos, until both chicks fledged, on March 23rd. I’ve seen them once or twice in our backyard since then, hovering over bushes and getting at the nectar of flowers, just like pros. πŸ™‚ They’re most likely Black-chinned hummingbirds (Archilochus alexandri), which are a little bit smaller than the Anna’s hummingbirds which we previously had in our lemon tree.

*) she would still eye the camera with suspicion on approach, and me as well when I didn’t manage to get back into the garage to hide, in time – I used the cable remote to trigger the shutter and video recording from inside, running the cable by the hinges of the door. πŸ™‚

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