Abandoned Communities

A (dark) ambient gem worth preserving (commentary about that below the Bandcamp player) and promoting, even though it’s not brand new anymore. It flew a little bit under everyone’s radar I think, despite the fact that it was conceived by prolific producer Lee Anthony Norris (here together with Pietro Bonanno).

Norris also appears as (part of) Autumn of Communion, Norken, Metamatics, Moss Garden, Ishqamatics, and a couple more aliases and collaborations. He is also the head of the highly collectible “..txt” label.

The release is available from Bandcamp, or on CD (directly from Databloem, or used on discogs.com)

I have a collection “Music” on Google+ where I used to share such things. It has gathered a friendly following but alas, the Collection is, just like so many things on Google+ or social networks in general, not really searchable in a useful way (especially if you’re the owner/maintainer of the collection!). Abandoned Communities, in a different way…

It’s this “fire and forget” approach of social media that makes them so useless: everybody dumps things into it all the time, never to be seen again. Everything is just “in the moment.” I don’t think that’s how we should treat “digital things”, or even worse, our own memories. What if you want to look something up again? Hence, this WordPress.com hosted site – easy to setup and update, and nearly zero maintenance required. Categories, tags and search help to keep older content accessible, and findable. I like that.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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