Cellphone Photos – January 2016 Gallery (12 photos)

We all make photos with our cellphones, all the time, and then we’ll dump them into Facebook or Instagram or some other social site where they’re soon forgotten as they scroll out of sight and into oblivion. I’m not too fond of that and who knows what memories we’ll lose when we loose interest in a certain app or site, and all that.

So I’m trying something new here – similar to my “photo of the month” series over on my main photography website, and my “best of” from an entire year, I’m creating a monthly gallery for my cellphone photos. Or at least those that I find interesting, noteworthy, funny, or at the most basic level, simply like, personally, for whatever reason.

Long-time followers of this blog and my photography know that this is something that has been bothering me for quite a while… maybe taking this relaxed approach here on my personal blog works. We’ll see. Anyway, this is the gallery for January 2016.

Licenses to these images are available for both personal and commercial usage, should you be interested please continue reading here: Image Usage.

2 thoughts on “Cellphone Photos – January 2016 Gallery (12 photos)

  1. I always like your photos. Some of these cell phone images are very good. I can only attribute that to the photographer (since the few photos I’ve taken with my iPhone are flat and toneless. I attribute that to the photographer as well!)

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