I cannot help but admire the creativity and persistence that must have gone into the discovery of coffee as we know it today. You take the seeds of a berry, roast them, grind them, pour hot water over them, and then you drink that brew. Wow!

It makes me wonder how much trial and error went into it – a great example of the efforts that go into accessing our food’s secondary, not strictly nutritional ingredients.

I’ve once read that coffee is a “guilt free addiction” because the positive effects of (moderate of course) caffeine consumption generally outweigh the negatives. And I wish that was true for other foods that we consume for their psychological effects, like chocolate or alcohol. 😉

Coffee mug on saucer from above
…and yes, that’s black coffee and the foam on top of it is called “crema”. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. It’s especially interesting that coffee was discovered as while the beans have a stimulating effect themselves, they mostly work as a laxative. You have to roast the beans and grind to get something really good.


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