State of the blog (where do we go from here)

Long-time followers of this blog probably remember some of it’s transformations – from a personal blog to a photo blog, and now back to a personal blog. And that pretty much sums up what has been happening since late 2014 and throughout 2015 here: not much photography, but a lot of more personal articles and posts about my other interests, besides photography.

And I intend to keep it like that. So if you began following this blog because of the photography: please head over to – you’ll find it there now. If you want to follow via the WordPress Reader, just like you used to follow this site, you can! I wrote about using the WordPress Reader as an RSS Reader. If you want to follow via email it’s just as easy, simply sign up here.

In hindsight, splitting my photography to two different sites was not the right decision. Where do I want all photography related web traffic to go? To my main photography website, of course. So everything about my photography is on my main photography website (and I’m still in the process of (re)moving posts from this site here to my main website).

Trail through Aspen Grove -- San Gorgonio Wilderness/San Bernadino National Forest, CA. June 2012.
Trail through Aspen Grove — “Where do we go from here?” at San Gorgonio Wilderness/San Bernadino National Forest, CA. June 2012. The Aspen Grove in the San Gorgonio Wilderness is one of the southernmost appearances of Aspens by the way, in other words, a natural phenomenon and rarity. 🙂

Early in 2015, I began to blog more inclusively on my photography website. Previously, I had used it mostly as a portfolio site, limiting content to the highest quality and best photography. But that’s not how the web works. After beginning to blog more on the main site, Google (for the most part, some other search engines show up in my stats here and there) has rewarded me with more referrals, and site traffic is up in general.

If you follow this blog here on, expect more posts about music, whiskey, craft beer, food – and the occasional rant, quote, or anything else that I find worthy of posting. 🙂

Thanks for being a follower, and a Happy New Year 2016 to you and yours.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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