Generics Insanity

A little insight into the madness of the American healthcare system and its high costs:

Our dog Toni is on Chlomipramine 25mg for her anxienty (and it really works well). Last time I bought the generic Chlomipramine capsules from an internet pharmacy, 84 capsules for ~$30 including shipping.

Now that we changed the vet, I got a new prescription for her and thought I should check out Costco’s pharmacy, since they also handle pet prescriptions. A 30-pack of generic Chlomipramine at Costco, with the “member discount” is… drumroll please… $423. And that’s just for thirty capsules, not 84 (and yes, I did tell them it’s for a pet).

This equals $1184,40 for 84 capsules, or $1154,40 MORE than what I had paid at the internet pharmacy (out of country). I’d be paying 3848% percent MORE when buying the exact same generic in the US vs out of the US.


Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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