To aid me with my neverending task to actually more or less frequently listen to all the music that I have, I created an auto-playlist in foobar2000 (my audio player of choice*) that shows me all music that I haven’t played since 2010. This way, I discover and rediscover gems in my music collection, and one of them is Stellardrone, an artist from Vilnius in Lithuania.

In his Bandcamp bio he describes himself as an “amateur composer” – which in terms of his skill is complete nonsense. Because this guy creates wonderful and amazing, gently floating space-ambient that is highly worth checking out!

I guess what he means with “amateur” is that he’s not generating the majority of his income through music – he releases all of his music under a Creative Commons license! It can be downloaded for free from and has a name-your-price tag on Bandcamp (if you like the music, please show him some appreciation!).

I’m embedding the 2009 album “On a Beam of Light” here and my favorite track is probably “Journey to the Sun” though it’s hard to pick a single favorite.

*) warning: foobar2000 is somewhat geeky with all the plugins and GUI options and whatnot. I consider my configuration a fragile piece of art that I regularly back up to not screw it up. 😉 On the other hand, it does everything that I want so well, it’s a fantastic piece of software.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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