What am I? (solved)

Here’s a new quiz for you… what is that? First one to answer it will be officially awesome. 🙂

UPDATE: solved by Tom Gehrke on Google+ – he said granite countertop, and that’s close enough: it’s the granite top of a table at a Cafe. Congratulations Tom, you’re 100% awesome! 🙂

2 thoughts on “What am I? (solved)

  1. It’s obvious. Elephant sperm on a Bengal monitor lizard’s back. I thought it might have been an oak tree but that would have been too easy, and then I thought it might have been a crocodile but the scale spacing isn’t at 7mm intervals and, of course, they’re not hexagonal enough. Although you tried to fool me with the slightly out of focus approach and the the use of muted unpolarized florescent lighting at the wrong temperature setting, I was not fooled for even a moment. I hope I am the first to correctly identify this image (but next time Alex, try something a bit more difficult, this didn’t even require guessing!)

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