Crawl Stats

Early in April I moved my main photo website to a new host: Siteground (affiliate link). They offer a mix between normal (shared) web hosting and WordPress hosting, which seems to work pretty well, and is less expensive than dedicated WordPress hosting. I’m on their “GrowBig” plan, running three WordPress installations now.

They also offer a plugin (“SG CachePress”) that works with their server infrastructure to boost the performance of websites with a number of caching methods. I’ve removed W3 Total Cache and replaced it with SiteGround’s plugin. It works quite well IMHO, so it was time to have a look at the crawl stats* in Google’s Webmaster Tools:

Crawl Stats
Crawl Stats – I think the day I switched to SiteGround is rather clearly visible.

That’s a nice change, and I’ve seen Google picking up my posts and adding them to their index more quickly (I created a Google Alert for my name). Maybe that was coincidence, I don’t know – with Google’s focus on site speed, the faster server response hopefully has a positive effect.

*) long-time readers will remember this older post, after I switched from BlueHost to LiquidWeb. You’ll notice that the switch to SiteGround brought the speed back to where it once was when I first began to host with LiquidWeb.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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