I know it’s been relatively quiet here for a while, except for the more or less regular Hiking reports from the Friday outings with my friend Fred. The reason for this is that I’m quite busy adding older photos to my photography website. I’m trying to add at least two posts per day for a while now, and I re-evaluate or even re-process the images for that. The image counter on the main website is at ~1600 now. A very good thing!

Sunset at Hidden Beach, Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach/San Diego, CA.
Resonate — Hidden Beach, Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach/San Diego, CA.

After the demise of Picasa Web Albums, I stop sharing photos like I used to – I only picked the very best to add them to my portfolio galleries. I thought that was the way to do things: to build a really streamlined, carefully selected portfolio site. But it was a mistake – because most of all, it made me unhappy. It’s just not how I photograph, and how I want to show my photos. Because I do make a lot of photos – only picking one or two from a hike or an outing where I made 50 photos, and marked ten of them as picks just felt wrong.

So I began to blog more on my main site, to just put all ten picks out there into a single post – with a more relaxed, and more inclusive selection. Blog posts are more about a place, an event, a day out in the back country, that sort of thing. They include photos that I wouldn’t add to my portfolio galleries.

This large addition to images of course caused quite a mess in WordPress’ Media Library of course* – but thankfully, I’m using the Media Library Assistant plugin on my site, which is a big helper. I divided the Media Library on my site into two main top-level categories: Archive and Portfolio. These top-level categories then have sub-categories for Landscapes, Seascapes, etc.

The system works quite well for me – except for the fact that I constantly need to remind myself to practice the good discipline of actually adding the photos from the blog posts to these categories, and add keywords to them… 😛

So I have a lot of catching up to do. I even added some blog posts with images that I made in 2007, when I began to get more serious about photography with my first DSLR.

What this also means is that this blog will return to what it originally was – my personal blog about photography (and other more personal things). I won’t be posting here as frequently as I used to in the past, because that activity will shift completely to my main website (as it should be, I’d like to add – the Google juice flows where the regular updates are).

If you like my photos and care less about my rants, recipes and hikes, please follow my main website (via email, RSS, or with’s Reader – simply type the URL into the “Enter a blog URL to follow” box & hit Enter, that should do it) instead of this blog. Or follow both. 🙂

Thanks for your time, and for your understanding.

*) I can not understand why categories and tags are not enabled for the Media Library items (aka “attachments”) by default in WordPress by now. The platform is so insanely popular among photographers, adding better media management features would seem like an obvious addition to me.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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