Laguna Meadows

Our Friday hike led us up to Laguna Mountains – it’s a bit early in the year to hike up there because unlike Boden Canyon or the San Diego River Gorge, spring hasn’t quite arrived yet at these elevation (around 5000ft/1500m). We went nevertheless, because the lower regions as well as the deserts of Southern California were suffering from an unseasonal heatwave that brought temperatures into the 90F/30C range in places (and temperature records were broken or tied all the way up to San Francisco).

At the Laguna Meadows trailhead on Sunrise Highway it was considerably cooler, a pleasant 70F/20C. It was quite breezy up there of course and in some spots in the shade it was almost a bit unpleasant to hike in shorts. 😉 Those are some serious Southern California problems, hu?

Since we had a somewhat late start we went for a shorter loop around the meadows, counter-clockwise. I was curious to see Agua Dulce Creek (not flowing at all) and Big Laguna (hardly any water, I’ll post a comparison separately) – it was pretty depressing to see everything so dry at what is close to the end of our rainy season. We finished the loop on the southern portion of the Sunset Trail, with some beautiful views all the way to the ocean on this clear and bright day.

Just as usual, I logged the hike with GaiaGPS and it is available here. Also just as usual, I forgot to turn on the logging for the first ten minutes or so. 😛

Last not least, here are some impressions, mostly made with the phone and processed in Instagram (feel free to follow if you like tiny little square cropped images that I made spontaneously with the phone, and then slapped a filter onto;-).

4 thoughts on “Laguna Meadows

  1. Ich habe mir erst vor kurzem instagram zugelegt und muss sagen es ist erfreulich wie viel meiner Lieblingsblogger dort vertreten sind! 🙂 …dann folge ich mal!

  2. Hate to say (write) it but the photos caught my eye because they looked like film….but noooo, you spoiled it with a phone and app…..8-)

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