Thinking in themes and sets

I made these wildflowers photos with my phone yesterday morning, when I walked Toni at Lake Hodges. And don’t worry, this blog will not turn into an Instagram-repost site – but you can always follow me on Instagram, of course. 😉 (and no, I don’t share my DSLR photos on Instagram, I try to more or less stick to the “insta” aspect of it, and post phone pictures “in the moment”. But that just as a side note.)

When I saw the first tiny wildflower (the photo sucks and I focused wrong so it’s not included) I thought: “Let me see what other flowers I’ll be able to see” and continued to look for them. All in all, I spotted nine different types of flowers (ten if you include the darn mustard, but it’s an invasive species, I refuse to add it;-) and the three below are the ones that I like best.

The conditions on my morning walk weren’t really good for landscape photos – I didn’t even have the “real” camera with me, just the phone. Nevertheless, looking for the different flowers turned into a fun little exercise.

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” (Aristotle)

It’s very rewarding to think more in “themes” and “sets” of photos, and not be “all over the place” sometimes. One single photo alone may be just another random snapshot, but as a group, the images show more artistic intent, and context. Sometimes, showing images as a set is the only way to truly make them work – a single “keeper” that doesn’t have the most impact alone may very well be enhanced by two “lesser” images.

And I hope this doesn’t look like a shameless plug, but please have a look at my “Small Sets” over on my portfolio website, which hopefully illustrate my point (each of the thumbnails represents a blog post with multiple images in it).

One thought on “Thinking in themes and sets

  1. I agree with the themed set idea. Haven’t done it but I do agree it makes the whole more than the sum of its parts.


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