Water of the Woods

I wanted a “false color” and/or “light leaks” look for this photo of Jeffrey Pines at the small Water of the Woods pond. I found a simple solution for that using only Lightroom tools.

Water of the Woods pond at Laguna Mountains, San Diego, CA.
Water Of The Woods — Laguna Mountains, San Diego, CA.

I used a combination of Split Toning and Graduated Filters to get this look. In the Split Toning panel I toned Highlights warm (35/22) and Shadows cold (233/40). I then used a yellow/orange toned Graduated Filter from left to right, and a red/pink toned Graduated Filter diagonally from top left to apply additional “off” tonight.

With Lightroom 5’s Radial Filter it would be possible to create even more realistic looking light leak effects easily by placing a couple of overlapping edits over portions of the frame. In this photo from 2011 though, I didn’t have that option.

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      1. Long story short, I was navigating the “new” (to me) WP UI and happened across my likes. I saw the pic and clicked on it and realized it was yours! 🙂 I seriously love it!! And I’m glad I stumbled upon it again.

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